BLOK Management launched a new podcast called “M&A and Currywurst” on 27th of April 2023. This podcast is your ultimate companion for everything related to company sales, company acquisitions and valuable industry insights. In each episode, we set ourselves the goal of taking our listeners into the fascinating world of the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) business. We do not just want to explain terminology, but also offer you top-class expert knowledge and highlight current topics and trends in the M&A industry.

Our podcast offers a wide range of topics, from basic concepts to in-depth insights into the latest developments in the M&A world. Here are some examples of our episodes:

  • M&A industry: How the market has changed
    In this episode, we talk about how the M&A industry has changed in recent years and what special features there are to look out for today. Listen in and find out how we have perceived the last few years in the M&A industry and which developments have particularly surprised us.
  • Success factor of a corporate transaction: The right preparation for buyer and seller
    In this episode, we have highlighted both the buyer’s and the seller’s perspective, as there can be key moments at this early stage that can have a significant impact on the likelihood of success. In our many years of experience, we have already encountered several cases where thorough preparation has made all the difference.
  • Legal support in the M&A process – specialist vs. generalist
    With our guest Dr Christof Aha, partner at ADVANT Beiten in Frankfurt am Main and a recognised lawyer in the field of M&A, we looked at the legal support of corporate mergers and acquisitions in this episode. Together we explored the latest trends in M&A transactions. Dr Aha shared his insights on the standardisation of transactions, virtual meetings as well as the strategic use of guaranteed agreements and insurance in purchase agreements.
  • Due Diligence: Insights and best practices
    Join us as we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the due diligence process in this episode. It is one of the critical stages in any deal. The term – due diligence – comes up often, and yet the effort involved is beyond the grasp of many. Even more exciting to learn what lies behind it.
  • From AI to data analysis: The M&A industry in digital upheaval
    In this episode, we take an in-depth look at the advancing digitalisation in the context of mergers and acquisitions. The M&A industry has been experiencing a long overdue transformation in recent years, shaped by factors such as digital innovation, automated processes and data-driven decisions. The way deals are planned, negotiated and closed has changed. Does this also benefit the customer? From the use of advanced data analytics to the digitisation of due diligence processes, in this episode we talk about extensive opportunities using digital tools! In addition, we share how the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated tools increases the efficiency of transactions and helps to identify potential opportunities and risks faster.
  • Private equity through the ages – Prof. Dr Christoph Schalast
    Guest in this episode, Prof. Dr Christoph Schalast – Managing Partner at SCHALAST Law and Tax, lawyer, notary and professor for M&A. Not least listed in the renowned IFLR1000 M&A Rankin under Banking and M&A. We did not miss the opportunity to talk to him about private equity, how this market is currently developing and what opportunities and challenges it holds for investors and companies. Prof. Dr Schalast offered us valuable insights from his many years of experience and work in this sector, which we will share with you in this episode! So don’t miss this opportunity and tune in to look behind the scenes of the private equity business!

Our podcast “M&A and Currywurst” is available on various platforms, including:

  • Spotify

At BLOK Management, we are proud to offer this unique platform for knowledge and inspiration in the M&A industry. Our aim is not only to explain terminology, but also to provide insights into the world of M&A business.

We cordially invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Learn from the best, immerse yourself in the world of the M&A industry and find out how you can operate successfully in this dynamic environment.

We look forward to continuing exciting conversations and interesting insights in the “M&A and Currywurst” podcast.

Stay tuned!

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